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Infinity Products co., ltd.

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Guitar repair

General Repairs,
Specialist Repairs
  & Vintage Parts

Custom watch

​Guitar parts


Custom Homage

Watch collections


CTS Potentiometers
and otherHigh end parts

Our work

Guitar Repair Center

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Steps to the establishment of our company

When I was involved in the manufacture and repair of custom guitars at a musical instrument retail store where I got a job, the world was in the bubble era. At that time, the sales volume of musical instruments was more than solid, and repairs were more frequent, and I remember doing so many nuts and frets every day that my arms were paralyzed. And it was a stoic day where I stayed up all night for many days until I was satisfied with the result, and devoted myself to it from beginning to end regardless of my hobbies or money.

After a while, I left the company and founded our company after working as a private maker. After that, I also designed / designed guitars made by manufacturers and developed pickups. Fortunately, I met some of the most respected musicians / artists, and I've done a lot of guitar repairs and setups for them. And I received a lot of experience and wisdom from those people.

Naturally, I have the technology ... I am thinking about how much communication ability is required for this work. The customer may be hurt by the broken instrument ... As a worker, it is easy to forget in the work that spreads such feelings. We, Infinity employees, try to set up a place for discussions about trivial matters such as this for our customers as we proceed with the work. Also, if you look at the guitar that has been played with many years of skill (Repairman's special ability?), You will be able to understand how to play and how to use it. There are hints on how to make it sound better and how to make it harder to break. When requesting repairs, please ask us even if it is a trivial matter.





Company name:

Infinity Products Co., Ltd.

Guitar Repair Center

Representative: Keisuke Koba

TEL: 042-793-1742

FAX: 042-789-5750

Address: 994-2F, Zushimachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo

Affiliation: Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry Machida Corporation * Tadao Yamazaki Branch, Information Committee

Industry: Guitar tech and musical instrument manufacturing Imported musical instruments, parts wholesale, custom watch manufacturing

TEL 042-793-1742

​We will reply to you within business days on weekdays. Please note that.

Received a message. We will reply to you one by one, so please wait for a while.

Click here for IP phone 050-1501-8890

business hours:

Weekdays 9:30 ~ 18:30

* A reservation is required for each customer's consultation and thorough inspection of the guitar. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are basically closed, but appointments are possible, so please contact us for your desired date.

​There is a parking lot​

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