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Recommended for fret replacement and fret fitting with a neck tension jig

In pursuit of perfect frets, we use Neckjig (tension joint) to rub all frets and to correct the fingerboard when changing frets. At our company, there are many construction examples, and it is the repair that we put the most effort into. You can accurately correct twists and waviness on the fingerboard. This method is world-class for high-end guitars.

Most guitars don't have the perfect fret surface, even when new. We are confident that we will be able to respond to requests such as chattering, clogging, and lower string height.


After adjusting the truss rod, measure the error of the unevenness of the frets with the strings stretched and set it on the neck jig.
After setting it securely and removing the strings, the warped state of the neck is faithfully reproduced on the two dial gauges.

Perform the rubbing work while applying the gauge.

All fret finishing is manual. * See BIGBOY Kobayashi Twitter.

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Fret replacement flow

Before replacing the frets, we will consult with the customer who is the user and decide what kind of frets to hit. Specifically, first measure the width and height of the frets. If the original frets are good, choose the one with the original dimensions, and if there is a fret you like, hit it.

Frets used are often Stewmac or Jescar, but other manufacturers can also be used. I think there are many requests for Jescar's SS EVO frets these days, but I recommend it because there is little reduction and there is not much habit peculiar to stainless steel.

Also, when you hit the strings, ask them to decide the gauge and tuning of the strings. Even if you lower the string by a semitone, the load at the time of tuning will be lighter by about 10 kg, so the neck condition will change. Since the fingerboard (fretboard) is straightened according to the thickness and tuning of the strings used, highly accurate frets can be completed.

In addition, the frets after replacement will be higher than before replacement, so it is often necessary to replace the nuts as well. We will also decide the material of the nut.


① Preparation

Check the original condition carefully and adjust the rod according to the tuning used by the customer.


④ Fret groove

Align the groove on the fret on the fingerboard side with the thickness of the fret legs, and shape it neatly. Adjust in 0.1 mm increments.


​⑦ Nut installation

At this timing, attach the nut and prepare to stretch the strings. If you need to paint the fingerboard, blow clear after this.


⑩ Fret shaping

After finishing the fitting, it is a shaping (crowning) work. I will shape it into the original arch of Mt. Flett.



Buffing debris, fine dust, small scratches, etc. are chucked at this point, picked up, cleaned, and repaired.


​② Remove the frets

With Neckjig, keep the tension of the strings, keep the neck warped, and remove the frets.


⑤ Fingerboard painting

If painting is required, the middle coat should be applied at this time. Minimize the film thickness of the paint on the frets.


⑧ String tension adjustment

Tension and tune the strings before rubbing to add tension to the neck. Actually, at this point, you can play with almost no chatter.

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Fret end shaping

Shape the fret ends. At our company, the elbow of the pipe is imaged and finished in a round shape.


String setup

Tighten the strings, finish the nuts, adjust the rods, adjust the string height, and set up. Electrical repair will also be done at this point.


③ Fingerboard correction

Remove the twist and waviness of the fingerboard and straighten it exactly according to the fingerboard R.


⑥ Insert frets

Press the frets into the fingerboard. Using a press machine, hit while adjusting each one.


Neckjig ground joint

Hold the string tension with Neckjig and rub the frets. * At this time, the amount of grinding is extremely small.

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⑫ Fret polishing buff

After papering up to # 3000, finish it to a mirror surface with a buffing machine. The details may be manual.

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Trial check

After setup, assume the owner's playing style, check the string height and tuning, and then FINISH!

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