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Guitar Diagnosis / Repair Estimate 2,000- (about 20 minutes)

* Free for repairs by us

Neck adjustment (string height adjustment / bridge adjustment / octave adjustment / tremolo spring adjustment / tightening torque adjustment for each part / maintenance included) 2,800-

Nut groove adjustment 2,000 ~

Nut replacement 5,000 ~

Fret, tension, ground joint 12,800-

If you need to attach / detach the pickup + 2,500-

Fret replacement basic wage 35,000- (detachable / no fingerboard painting)

* Use tension jig, fingerboard correction included, fret material separately

Set neck +5000-, Over binding (with cell winding) + 11,000-,

Fingerboard repainting +20,000-, stainless steel (JescerSS etc.) replacement +7,000-

Electrical components exchange 2,000 (for every one increase + 1,000-)

* Over 2000 replacement parts in Japan and overseas are always in stock

Endpin missing repair (filling holes) 2,000- (one place)

Peg exchange 4,000 ~

Scratch removal / touch-up (gun blowing) with a narrow painting range 15,000-

Estimate required for all finish, partial painting (wide range), etc.

* We are good at repairing vintage guitars. If you want to blacken a white guitar with polyurethane paint without being particular about the paint, we may refuse it.

Neck break repair (adhesive reinforcement coating) 84,000-

* We have a lot of annual construction and we have an absolute self. We also carry out many repairs after purchasing a famous musical instrument store.

Pickup coil cut and rewound 14,000 ~

* Various vintage coils in stock

Musical instruments that cannot be kept ... Musical instruments that may be defective in manufacturing. If there is a problem in a part other than the content of the request and it is judged that the repair of the request cannot be continued due to a causal relationship, or if the repair does not interfere with the function. Repairs that are required to be sub-stream for repairs and are not functionally intended. Replica instrument.

Warranty: Our repair warranty covers 14 days for electrical equipment (initial defect warranty) and 60 days for woodworking (fret replacement / nut replacement) to guarantee functionality. We will not accept any defects due to wear, such as defects of other equipment caused by other repaired parts and defects other than repaired parts.

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