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Mainly GIBSON guitars with a head angle can easily break the neck (head) due to an unexpected accident. We use the latest technology to minimize the creases of neck breaks and at the same time restore strength to the state before damage. Our neck break repair is recommended for users who want to restore the best condition, not easy repair.

Repairs will proceed downward. * All are the same guitar.

Head &

Neck Repair

​Restore to best condition

What to do if the neck breaks? I often see guitars full of glue trying to fix them on their own. First of all, it is good to have a skilled professional look at it.
1. Remove the strings. If the strings are fixed with tension applied, the wood will become habitual, so it is not good to keep the strings stretched.
2. If the broken wood becomes damp, the broken surfaces will not overlap well due to the expansion of the wood, so cure it with a plastic bag.

If it can be glued within 2 weeks, the exposed wood will not oxidize and the creases will be beautiful. * See image GIBSON LesPaul STD

Q: I was told that the sound will change even if I glue it after it breaks. Is the strength all right?
A: Due to the structure of the electric guitar, everywhere is assembled with adhesive. If it is NG that the wood part is glued with an adhesive, it means that the electric guitar itself is denied and it is nonsense. It is roughly divided into the base material of the neck and the fingerboard, and the neck heel and the body are fixed. They are tightly glued, but unlike neck fold glue, they are glued on a perfect surface. In the case of a broken neck, one point is to expose the complete surface and glue it. If it is done, the strength will be restored, and even if it is broken, the sound will not be bad.
However, repairing a broken neck cannot be restored unless the way it is broken is captured in 3D.
When the neck breaks, the strings are tuned regularly and will break at the same time as they are pulled by the strings due to other impacts / loads. In that case, it breaks while applying a load of 7 to 9 kg (50 kg in total) per string from the head to the nut, so the wood part is broken with a slight deviation. It starts with the work of correcting this. Specifically, the tension of the strings is the opposite of the retention, and the wood part is returned and glued while applying tension to the back of the neck. This will completely replace the surface and bond it to maintain a perfect adhesive surface and strength.
In addition, the adhesive used by us is a type that penetrates the conduit, so it increases the strength around the broken surface.
In addition, polyester resin used for FRP etc. may be applied for painting to increase the surface strength. This is case by case due to the original painting and processing.

Our repaired guitars can be used by professional musicians on tour without any problems. After breaking the neck, shock and bad aftertaste continue for about 2 weeks ... In the image, it is a level where you can see the creases slightly when you look at it from a distance of 10 cm as if you were licking it. I will do my best to fix it, thinking that if I fix it like this, I can reduce the damage to my heart. The only task is the feeling of "getting the job done" no matter who the customer is.

Neck break repair ¥ 84,000- (tax excluded)

  * In order to provide our customers with perfect repairs, we do not carry out easy repairs only by bonding. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

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