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This riser card I designed will plug directly into SE/30 and SE logic boards. And the one to connect is BlueSCSI. When developing various devices, I often disassembled the SE/30, so I decided to make this bracket that can be easily disassembled.

My Mac Geek friends complimented my artwork. The logo is a tribute to the movie EasyRider. Great to see Mac riding a motorcycle!


Kit inclouds:


-330 ohms Resistor

-Blue LED

-Poly Switch 1A

*You need to buy female 50pin connector x2 by yourself (Not our store):
<< This item can be shipped for 7USD, Non-Standerd Air Mail w/ Tracking Number. For other regions, please email us. >>


More details here:

This product is our design, but it is open source and anyone can make it freely. We do not waive the right and prohibit the production for the purpose of sale.


SCSI RIDER Fully assembled and Bare PCB Kit, SCSI to 50pin Adapter

  • This is sold as a kit. You have to assemble it yourself and there is no warranty. We are not responsible for injury, damage to other equipment caused by this equipment, or death. Please make your purchase decision carefully.

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