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A replacement second gear that can be used with Omron motors (see photos 2 and 3) for MP-F51W and MP-F75W. Set of 3 pcs, Made in Japan.

Note: Cannot be used with SANWA motors (Make sure it is the same as the 4th pic).

In the original, the grease stuck to the gear that became brittle due to hydrolysis due to aging will put a burden on it and crush it. This will impair the floppy's automatic eject function.

This product is a high-quality replacement part made in Japan that replaces this crushing second gear and regains the eject function.


Quality assurance


First of all, I was particular about quality and gear shape. The backlash (play between gears) is the same as the original (about 0.3 mm with respect to the parent gear), but the gear shape has been redesigned so that the surface load between the gears is evenly applied. Therefore, it is slightly tapered than the original shape. Because of its high density, it can only be manufactured in this way by a manufacturing method that is particular about high quality. The surface treatment is perfectly mirror-like with no irregularities and is the same as the original. It sets it apart from gears made with inexpensive 3D printing. You can see that there is no burr or twist of the gear itself even if it is enlarged this much, and the edge is also standing firmly. There are a lot of products that function in the same way as this product, but please compare them with other companies' products.

Tune-O-Gear, Set of 3 pcs, MIJ

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