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This communication grade cable is made in Japan by Kaneko cord co. It has the following features:




- A supple and soft material that is useful for wiring work in narrow spaces.

- Since it is hard to make creases, it is easy to put it back.

- 30mm is a ribbon, and 70mm is an isolated cable. It regularly continues in 100mm increments.

- The color and the appearance are so beautiful.


We're frustrated by cables that can't turn 180 degrees in a We focused on the fact that some Apple genuine cables used the same ones and were easy to use. Easy to install by rotating 180 degrees. In addition, since it is a soft material, it is easy to pass through limited narrow gaps.


The 170mm length is compatible with most Macs such as the SE/30 and Quadra 700, but please measure and order the length that suits your Mac.

FlexiSCSI! 50-pin Ribbon Cable, Made in Japan

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