This communication grade cable is made in Japan by Kaneko cord co. It has the following features:




- A supple and soft material that is useful for wiring work in narrow spaces.

- Since it is hard to make creases, it is easy to put it back.

- 30mm is a ribbon, and 70mm is an isolated cable. It regularly continues in 100mm increments.

- The color and the appearance are so beautiful.


We're frustrated by cables that can't turn 180 degrees in a limited space on a compact Mac. In the genuine product, it is necessary to bend it and use it, which is not comfortable. This cable is also easy to turn 180 degrees without bending.


The 170mm length is compatible with most Macs such as the SE/30 and Quadra 700, but please measure and order the length that suits your Mac.

FlexiSCSI! 50-pin Ribbon Cable, Made in Japan