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Jan 25, 2024 Notes: This is designed to work with our product SPIISD, Please note the following points:

- it is known that the Grappler Minus card does not work with MFA2 WorkShop's WDrive due to timing issues.  

- SoftSP DIY ROM on the Grappler Plus printer card, and SPIISD have limited functionality and cannot be used with IIPlus. There is a mutual timing issue.

- BMOW's FloppyEMU is not structured to block the 5V inflow at pin 12, so it will destroy its CPLD. 


We recommend using the Grappler Minus card with SPIISD DIY together.


The Grappler Minus card is designed to work with SoftSP DIY ROMs. SoftSP DIY ROM is a hacking ROM that repurposes the Grappler Plus printer interface card originally sold by OrangeMicro to modify Apple's DiskII controller card to support Smartport.


More information on our github page here.


The reason we designed this is to make our SPIISD work.



This card is inserted into connector #5 and used in combination with the DISK][controller card placed in #6. To enable this, first turn on the power and press CTRL+RST. Next, enter "PR#5" and press the Return key to use the device connected via the Disk][card (SPIISD, etc.) in #6 in Smartport mode.


Supported computers


- Apple IIe, IIe platinum, IIe euro platinum

- Apple IIplus, II Europlus, II J-plus

*In either case, a Disk][controller card is always required.


Bare PCB


Here for information on how to assemble. 




This card is designed to use "SoftSP DIY" ROM. SoftSP DIY is a product of Wing Yeung, MFA2 WorkShop(Aka.KbooHK) and used with permission.


SoftSP is a card that works with a microcontroller, unlike SoftSP DIY. Another fork designed by Wing Yeung himself. Chris Torrence 's store CT6502 sells SoftSP card. I recommend this if you want a complete SoftSP card:

Grappler Minus, Fully assembled card or Bare PCB

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