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Our new product, we named "Greeny-switch" replaces the Programmer's switch used in the early Mac 128K, 512K, and Mac Plus. Over the 40-year history of these devices, we often see Macs that have been lost or broken and are not installed. The owner must have been very disappointed. You can often find used items that are not reliable, but they are a little expensive.

It can be installed perfectly without destroying the atmosphere of Vintage Mac.

This product is 3D printed with high quality resin and then aged with water-based dyes. Of course, since the material is different, the color will be different compared to the genuine product, but this one has a similar color, so it looks good when installed.


*Since it is a resin material, it may break if excessive force is applied. Please note.

Greeny-switch, programmer's switch Mac128K, 512K, Plus

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