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- New ROM SST39SF040-70-4C-NHE, Set of 4 / 20.00USD


IIsi based ROM, 32Bit Clean, No checksum, HD20 support, OS7.5 to 8.1 install support.

The ROM disk boot system is 6.0.7 and contains software including some games. 4 pieces can be used for one SIMM card.

Note when purchasing: You can purchase only when purchasing together with SMC ROM SIMM Card, Since the number of EEPROMs is rapidly declining and stable supply is difficult.


Apple IIc ROM4x

Enable Smart Port and add self-diagnosis function and more.
Ideal for upgrading from ROM255.

To replace the ROM, in addition to replacing it, you will also need to change the solder jumpers in two places (W1 and W2). This is to enable the A14 address.*Requires a soldering iron and a utility knife.
Detailed instructions on how to replace the ROM can be found here.


SE/30 ROM/GAL program service

choose from list /5.00USD each


UK6, 341-0650-A, VIDEO ROM 

UE6, 341-0754-A, End of Video state machine

UE7, 341-0756-A, Middle of Video state machine

UG6, 341-0747-A, Beginning of Video state machine

UG7, 341-0746-A, Clock generator for Video state machine

UI6, 341-0665-A, Controls HSync and IRQ in regards to CPU

Please contact us if you would like to use the ROM program service for repairing Macintosh or Apple II. Program the ROM chip if it is in stock.

ROM Flashing Service

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