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A 50-pin cable is not removable in Color Classic, so an extension cable is required to install the BlueSCSI. We have prepared a cable of just the right length for Color Classic(CCII and Performa275). Good quality Made in  China, inspection in Japan. After connecting with a real Mac and confirming that BlueSCSI can be used, it is packaged.




Length: 100mm (3.9inches)

Connector shape: Male to Female

Cable color: Gray(Red line for 1-pin)

*Pic is BlueSCSI 1.0-c with cable. When connecting to the new 1.1-a desktop, the genuine cable is long enough to be pulled, But it's pretty tight and the cable is strained. if you don't like it, it's a good idea to give it some extra space with this extended cable.

Color Classic Extended cable SCSI 50-pin 100mm

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