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This is an adapter board that changes the previously released SCSI Rider2 daisy chain IDC50pin to db25 female. Other specifications follow SCSI Rider2.

- With BlueSCSI V2 DB25 sold by some BlueSCSI sellers, there was a problem with some Macs where it interfered with the case and connector and could not be used, but this can also be resolved. *The BlueSCSI DB25 sold by Kero's Mac Mods does not have these problems. Our shell design has already solved these problems.


Bare PCB Kit inclouds:

SCSI RIDER 2 db25 Bare PCB

-470 ohms Resistor

*A resistor with a different constant may be included to match the current consumption of the attached LED.

-Blue LED

-Poly Switch 1.5A


Below is a link to where to buy other 3 connectors for your reference. Use whatever connector you like. It is easy to obtain except female 50pin. Moreover, if you skimp on the 50-pin female and make it cheap, it's tight and hard to get in. be careful. Digi-key links are reasonably easy to insert!


DB25 male connector 
50pin female connecter 
DB25 female connector

SCSI RIDER2-db25 Fully assembled and Bare PCB kit

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