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A ROM card that uses the popular DIP 28 EPROM up to 64KB can be installed


ROM product number, ROM program capacity that can be flashed (backward compatible)

  • 27C64, 8KB
  • 27C128, 16KB
  • 27C256, 32KB
  • 27C512, 64KB and Dual 32KB ROM Mode

Comes with Dual 32K ROM Mode. This can be used by switching between two programs with a capacity of 32KB.

Read more detail is here*Assembly, pin setting, etc:

Bare PCB: card only
Price 8USD


Kit: Bare PCB card, 2 resistors, 2 capacitors, LED, Slide Switch, 1X5 pin header, 2X4 pin header. *Includes all necessary parts except 28pin IC socket and EPROM(both procure your own).
Price 11 USD

Although not directly related to our store, here are some examples of IC sockets:

Half Assembled: All chip parts soldered(Resistor x2, Capacitor x2, LED x1), all you have to do is solder the pin headers, switche and IC socket(procure your own).

Price 15 USD


Fully Assembled: EPROM is prepared by you and flashed by yourself. *Because of the thickness, it cannot be sent by a cheap shipping method.
Price 19 USD


Information about the shipping method *Please be sure to read it:

  • I thought the key to selling this would be how to make the shipping cost cheaper. We sold the same Bare PCB RAM card in a kit some time ago, but we thought we could offer it at the same low price.
  • The bottleneck is the region, but I think there are many MSX users mainly in Europe. Considering sending from Japan, customs will reject items other than card items. So this time the thick IC socket is not included. The IC socket has 28 pins with a pin spacing of 15.24 mm. You can buy it locally. It's probably about 1 USD per piece at most.
  • Shipping cost is 7 USD all over Europe with a tracking number. Up to two cards can fit in one envelope. More than that will be sent by UPS or Japan Post EMS.
  • In the case of a finished product, we cannot send it by a cheap shipping method. It will be an ordinary international courier service (UPS or Japan Post). Please note.

SMC 27CXXX ROM kit for MSX

  • This product is sold as a kit. It is intended to be completed by the customer himself. We are not responsible for:
    Accidents, injuries or death while assembling this product. Damage or failure of other equipment due to combination with this product. fire.

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